[Marathon Training: Weeks 9-10]

Alright, a little late I know. I also know that I have not written on this blog of mine in a long while. Hopefully this will be that extra little nudge I need to keep documenting life’s crazy adventures.

So time for another marathon update? I can’t believe we are already down to 6 weeks left. In one sense, it feels like FOREVVVVVERRRR. As in, I am SO over this whole 16-week training thing. It’s exhausting. And tasking. And kinda boring at times. And it never.ends.

In another sense though, I never want it to end- because I could get used to endless Horizon Chocolate Milk (also known as liquid gold to the Daddy-O and I) after runs, and a rootbeer float almost every night. Yea. We do. It’s gross. But delicious. Please don’t judge me. Our excuse? We’re training for a marathon.

So, to recap…

Week 9 we had to do 5-8-5-16.

Lets talk. I did 5-8-14.

That’s not too horrible, is it? I wimped out on the five because well… I was busy! And the sixteen miler had to turn into fourteen miles because I would have been late to a rehearsal luncheon that was in Richmond had we run the additional two.

You have to give us props though… we did wake up at 4 am to do that run.

I repeat: 4 am.

That is after going to Oktoberfest the night before. And eating three brats. And drinking beer. And eating lots of guacamole. And then having a margarita. Oh, and eating birthday cake too.

I feel sick just typing all of that out… yuck! Lets just say that was sooooo NOT the right decision, especially when you have do a 16 mile run the next morning, at 4am nonetheless.

I was burping up something funny tasting while running during that 14 mile run… sure you cared to know that. Ha!

But other than that, it was kind of refreshing to run in the pitch black. With my headlamp on my head. While in a sleepful daze.



Onto week 10. I could write a sonnet about how awful this week was for me, mentally. It was as if I had mentally checked out, or quit. I was ready to give up on the marathon and only do the half-marathon. I am emberassed to even admit it.

Tuesday I went to do my five miler. I ended up doing 1.57 on the treadmill and then just stopped. Why? Because I felt like it.

Thursday we did an 8 miler, which actually rocked. For my dad and I who run at a snail’s pace, we maintained an amazing pace the entire time. Towards the last few miles, we were averaging 8:30/mile which is awesome for us. I walked away very proud.

Why did we do so well?


I was wearing pink lipstick for breast cancer awareness #timeforacure #imarunner, hosted by Chic Runner and Timex (sadly I didn’t enter this photo in time, thus lose out on potentially winning a free watch… bummer!). Next time you are feeling discouraged ladies, put on some lipstick and carry your head high. ;)

Now, I did not do my other 5 miler (go figures), and I do not even want to tell you about our long run. That sixteen mile run ended up turning into 10 miles, and if I were being honest… we did walk a good portion of it.

We could blame the 88˚F weather. Or the 45% humidity. Or the fact that we were both very sore. Or that my knee was swollen. Or that I had loads of work to do at home, distracting me from giving the run my all. No excuse is good enough. It was pathetic, and an emberassment. It left us questioning whether or not we are fully ready to tackle a marathon in six weeks…

I guess our long run this coming weekend will be the deciding factor. #letsdoit #prayforus #thankyoukindly

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  1. Great to read your post after so long. Your dedication to training is far more than what I could have mustered. BTW, I managed to visit Murano and Burano afterall.

    • Hi Anwesha! I know, I am totally dropping the ball with maintaining my blog, and reading all the other blogs that I love. Life has been too busy lately! I am anxious to hear of what you thought about Murano and Burano- better than Venice? It doesn’t look like you’ve blogged about it yet– coming soon? Great hearing from ya!

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