That Time I Got Stuck In The Garage

DSC_0078Have I mentioned that my life can be a little dramatic at times? Perhaps even sitcom worthy?

Well, this story is yet another one for the books.

Here in Virginia, we are currently in the middle of a big snow and ice storm. Yesterday, due to all of the ice, we lost power at my house for several hours. Thankfully by the time I arrived home from work, we had regained power so I had nothing to worry about. I tried opening the garage when I got home, but it wasn’t working due to the power outage so I used the side door of my house to get in.

Fast forward a few hours. I am off to watch some kiddos so some friends can attend a Christmas party. Per usual, I am running late. I grab my purse, and run out my basement door. I go to open the garage door to let myself out, but nothing happens.


Okay, I think to myself, I’ll run back inside and go out the side door again to get to my car (since the car was parked on my driveway).

I go to open the basement door, only to find out that it is bolted. And my key is sitting on my desk in my bedroom.

Greeeeattttt. Just greeeeattttt.

At this point, I call my mom frantic. Go figure she wouldn’t answer the phone when I was in the middle of a personal crisis.

I start fooling around with the garage door. I discovered I could lift it a few inches off the ground, but then it locked and I couldn’t raise it any higher. There was a red cord hanging from the garage door unit which I yanked and pulled, but it didn’t do anything either.

After playing with it for several minutes, I finally gave up. I finished eating the remainder of my dinner in the garage. Then I called the family whose kids I was supposed to start babysitting fifteen minutes ago at this point. First, the dad laughed. Then he proceeded to give me any and all advise he could to get that garage door to budge.

Nothing worked.

So I ended up in the hospital after nearly freezing to death in the garage.

Just kidding!!

But really, thank God my phone worked in that garage because if it didn’t, I would have been trapped in that dang garage for several hours (rather than nearly thirty minutes) as my parents were both gone for the evening.

Finally, I was able to reach my mother who called a neighbor to come and free me. Supposedly when the power outage occurred, my mom locked the garage via a latch on the exterior door, and then bolted the basement door just in case anyone would try to break in.

Who knew one could lock a garage door on the outside? Not me!

When I saw the flashlight coming down my driveway and I knew my help had arrived, I began to do a happy dance. My neighbor’s facial expression when she opened that door and freed me made it all worth it though. I mean, come on. Who gets themselves locked in a garage??

So, anyone have a similar story? Have you ever been locked in the garage… or perhaps a worse location?

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4 responses

  1. Wow!!! What a crazzzzy story! That definitely beats anything I’ve got! In Korea, nearly all apartments have keycodes to enter the building, and then a personal keycode for your door. Well, not long after we moved to Korea, I came back from school and had a complete freeze up. I couldn’t remember the apartment enterence code! Since Jared was still teaching, and it was freezing cold outside, I had to walk all the way back to school. For the next month, I carried the code on a piece of paper in my pocket!

    • Haha, YES it is Gret! Nice memory- I totally forgot about that. I am pretty sure we still have that broken ping pong paddle too!

      PS- I have enjoyed reading about your time thus far in Africa… what a life altering experience you are having!

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