Snow Day… and the Random Happenings of Life

Well it’s a snow day here. The kind of snow day where you are trapped in your home, get to sleep in until an ungodly hour, and do nothing all day long except attempt to be productive while staring out the window at 15+ inches of snow.

So I thought I should write a blog post where I share random facts about my life as of late. From a broad point of view, I feel as if lately my life has been boring… confusing… overwhelming… but nothing “blog post” worthy. So I thought a life latelies post could be fun to do, to summarize some of the more hilarious/interesting parts of my life right now.

//I am realizing that the more I nanny, the more I am convinced I only want to have boys. Little boys are the funniest. Recently the 3 year old I nanny, upon passing gas, said “Dominique, that was a burp from my bottom. I just burped from my bottom.” I proceeded to hear (and smell!) these said burps for the next thirty minutes, and died of laughter every time.

//I had yet another “throw up” incident a few weeks back. I didn’t even flinch. One of the littles was eating his meatloaf at dinner, and took too big of a bite and began choking. My mind was racing, as I desperately tried to recall how to do the heimlic maneuver on toddlers, when he began puking everywhere.

//I debated for over an hour at Costco the other day if I should buy a $1 churro on the way out. I felt like I was Kronk in Emperor’s New Groove with an angel on one shoulder, and a demon on the other. I knew how unhealthy those pieces of fried dough were, however my salivary glands reminded me that it would be worth it. It was.

//Lets return to the churro incident. The lady at the cash register’s name was Domonique, not with two i’s like my name. Anyways, we hit it off because we pretty much had the same name, and it is a rarity to meet a fellow Dominique these days. The difference is, she’s black and I am not. Although everyone thinks I am black before meeting me, so same thing. Well, Domonique is a twin. Her sister who was born first has the name Monique, thus when numero dos came out… it only made sense that her mamma name her Domonique because she has two daughters… dos Monique’s. Get it? Haha, I nearly died. 

//My life seems to revolve around dinosaurs these days. Do you want to know about Ankylosaurus? Or Apatosaurus? Or Tyrannosaurs Rex? I took the littlest one to a Dinosaur Expo last week and my goodness, the child was in heaven. So much so, that when it was time to leave… I had to drag him out of there screaming and fussing the entire way. I probably would’ve done the same if I were his age. I mean, live dinosaurs around every corner? It doesn’t get much better than that.

//I have spent the last few months watching How I Met Your Mother while folding laundry. I took a hiatus from the show for a few seasons while in Spain, but have returned. I just love Ted too much, and the storyline between the characters. Now I am upset because the last show doesn’t air until May. I mean, come on!

//I miss Spain. Oh so much. A girlfriend called me the other day to inform me that she may move to Madrid to teach English for two years. She asked me to join her. I am considering it.

//My mom told me I need to shower more frequently. Something about me no longer being in Europe, and wanting to spare my poor husband one day. I didn’t understand. I mean, if the dogs only need a bath once a month, why can’t I? ;)

//I spent a few hours with some dear friends a few nights ago. They have missionary friends of theirs currently staying with them, who are from Argentina and France, but are currently pastors in Portugal. Anyways, we sat and spoke Spanish, and sang Spanish worship songs for a long time. My heart was full.

//This article is pretty incredible for anyone who has/or ever will live abroad for a time. I am a triangle.

//I am currently in love with all of Passenger’s music. His lyrics are beautiful… passionate… raw… full of emotion and life. I think I may hop on a plane to the UK and see if he will marry me.

//I have been getting into cooking a lot lately. Soup Sunday’s have become one of my favorite (new) traditions. Although I have slacked the last few weeks.

//I still haven’t decided on a nursing school. Something about lots going on in my family and feeling as if I’m on an emotional roller coaster has left me paralyzed with making a decision. And more attached to the state of Virginia. Wise words a friend of mine encouraged and challenged me with a few weeks ago continue to ring true in my head, “The world is your oyster, Dominique. Do not turn your blessings into burdens.”

//I got a job at Anthropologie. Probably not the wisest decision as any money I make there, will most likely be further invested in clothes, candles, and home decor… but I am so excited. First day of work will be soon, and I cannot wait. Now to try and be a little more fashionable on a regular basis…. errr, this is going to be tough.

//Turns out one pupil in my eye is larger than the other. After a friend pointed out this flaw, I went home and googled it. Let just say when brain aneurysm and/or tumor is the first thing to pop up on WebMD, panic began to set in. I was even more anxious when I showed up and my optometrist began to make a homemade eye drop in front of me while saying how this is something she rarely sees, and how we need to ensure that there is no additional pressure on my brain. After a very long appointment, it turns out I most likely have had this “condition” since birth. Something about me being a c-section baby. I could be on a prescription for the rest of my life that would keep my pupils the same size for aesthetic purposes, but I said no. Time to embrace this uniqueness! Now I want to know how many other people have noticed this difference in my eye but never thought to say something?!

//It’s official. I want to be a professional ice skater. Or skier. Or snowboarder. Really, I just want to go to the Olympics. I laughed when my girlfriend named Tiina wrote me last night asking if I saw the tie that happened between Tina and Dominique in downhill skiing. The rest of our texting convo was us pretending that we were in fact the winners.

//I am wracking my brain trying to think of other things going on in my life right now. Really, I am just trying to avoid the inevitable. I am being summoned to either a) go and shovel the driveway or b) go and do a T-25 exercise video. Ummm… come again? Neither sound very appealing Mammacita.

Well, there you have it. Life as of late.

Now grab some spiked hot chocolate, grab a good book, and sit in front of the fireplace. Well, that’s what I’m about to do anyways.

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2 responses

  1. Holly, I think your random facts about you post is a great one! I’ve just been having a discussion with friends about what should be considered “too boring to not write about” and we have all decided that we want more of those normal, boring posts! Keep doing them!

    Thanks for sharing my blog piece about being a Triangle. It’s tough, isn’t it? Still struggling through it, even eight months after moving back.

    • Haha, Naomi- my blog name always confusing people as to what my “real name” is! I’m going to be changing it soon! And thanks for the encouragement. Sometimes the boring, mundane stuff is far more interesting because it’s relatable for one!

      And you’re blog piece really impacted me. I’ve shared it with several people already. I feel as if I can finally pinpoint how I’ve been feeling since returning to the USA after living abroad. Thank you so much!

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