Meet Mrs. Napkin [and why I am NOT a candidate for LASIK]


Ever so often, I whip out Mrs. Napkin for the kiddos. I wish I could say this was a Dominique Original, however sadly I stole it from Jude Law in the movie, The Holiday.

My kids love Mrs. Napkin. They eat it up every time. I only save her for special occasions though when there needs to be some added reinforcement at meal time. This evening, Mrs. Napkin showed up and encouraged the kiddos to eat all of their carrots by telling jokes and doing a chicken dance. Within a minute, the kids were scarfing down their carrots.

I do wish I could say Mrs. Napkin was outta here though. Because the glue that makes Mrs. Napkin work is well, my glasses. I have been pursuing LASIK for the last few months, and after not wearing contacts for 3 weeks to prep for my eye consultation, I was sad to learn that I am not a candidate for LASIK. It was such disappointing news, because contacts and I do not get along. Especially after my last eye appointment, when I learned that not only do I have chronic dry eye, but also severe allergies on the surface of my cornea. Top it off with two different sized pupils, and you have someone who could use LASIK sooner rather than later (in my opinion!).

The LASIK doctor encouraged me to wait until after I go through nursing school, because she is concerned that my eyes will digress while I am in school studying. At the end of the day, I respect her decision.

So, perhaps in a year or two I may finally be contacts + glasses free, but until then…

The kiddos I get to nanny and babysit for will continue to have the privilege of meeting Mrs. Napkin every now and then. :)

Scary photos, huh?


3 responses

  1. You are seriously the best babysitter of all-time. My mom got LASIK and loves it, so I hope you can get it someday. I have never envied contact-wearers, but lately have seriously envied everyone with glasses! They’re just so stylish!

    • Haha, talk about scary, huh?! And that’s awesome that your mom got it- I keep meeting more and more people who have done it, and have zero regrets. I can’t wait for the day when I can too! Although glasses can be fun at times. ;) You could always wear fake ones! Ha!

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