An Apology Note to My Father

Dear Daddy-O,

I want to remind you that I love you lots. As you have been touring the islands of Hawaii with the Mammacita, I have been busy at work maintaining our homestead. Shoveling the driveway…


Taking care of the dogs…


Picking up (said) dogs poop around the clock…

Dropping off your laundry at the cleaners…

Keeping the house nice and orderly…

So when you come home on Thursday and see your driveway, please extend grace to your daughter. I mean, I know we’ve had this talk a million times… but our driveway is NOT easy to back out of. Especially in a Ford Explorer.



So, again… I’m very sorry for tearing up your lawn like this. Please accept my apology, and the bar of chocolate that will be awaiting you upon your arrival home.

All my love,

Your Holly

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