My One Ski Day of the Season


I’ve been skiing since the day I took my first step. That is probably the one sport that The Coulter Fam has done together since Rach and I were toddlers. We used to rock climb all the time when we were younger, however that is a sport we no longer share together. Backpacking is another constant for us, however never something we’ve done every year until recently. But skiing… every year we aim to take a ski trip together. Sadly it hasn’t happened in the last two years. I was in Spain, then my dad got a new job (more on that later!)…

So I just accepted the fact that this year would be my first year without skiing since I was maybe one years old? Ha… literally. Isn’t that crazy!?


Now for those of you who haven’t heard, Virginia has had psychotic weather lately. Watch this video to get a better idea of what it has been like living here this winter. Hilarious, huh?

Well after a weekend filled with hiking at Great Falls and outdoor fun due to the glorious 60+ F degree weather… a psych snow storm hit. 6am Monday morning I get a text that I didn’t have work due to all of the snow; and a few hours later friends and I had arranged a day skiing in the mountains of Pennsylvania. We headed out around noon to White Tail Resort and got in a solid five hours of skiing.



First off, skiing with friends is a blast. Add in a few hours of night skiing, and it was all the more fun. In all my years of skiing, this was my first time every skiing at night. And I loved every minute.

Night Skiing at White Tail, PA

It helps to have crazy friends with you, to make the day more memorable. We called ourselves ‘Team Instafit’ and had fun being obnoxious all day.



This photo came out SO bizarre, but awesome.

I was trying to think why I love skiing so much, as I was doing various runs down the mountain. Because when you are taking the ski lifts up, or stalling on the mountain– you are freezing! But then when you are skiing down the mountain, you are sweating and “feeling the burn” in those muscles. I think skiing is so great because it boils down to a) the amazing scenery, b) snow, c) the adrenaline rush when you are flying down the mountain, d) okay… I don’t think skiing needs to boil down to anything. It is just one of the greatest sports and something I will forever love doing with family and friends.

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  1. Glad you found time to get your ski on! I went this year for a bit, but as I’ve gotten older (and more out of shape), it’s lost a lot of it’s appeal for me and I enjoy more sitting at the bottom with a beer and watching others fly down the mountain :)

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